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+*+ Lenore! You're Alive! .....sorta +*+ [entries|friends|calendar]

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+*+you like to think you know her, know what ut takes to make her purr [10 Nov 2004|12:46pm]
[ mood | confused ]

*sshhh*, I should be in college, but my arms killing me, yes im a wuss, shut the fuck up and dance. But, im leaving, so i don't even want to go in to kill time anymore? Its really wierd. Oh Dear.

I have tp much to do tomorrow, why did everyone want me tomorrow, pfftt :p. I dont know though, causei actually do need to go to college at some point and print out CV's then meet Lea etc. and hand them out. But i also need ot try make the video shoot. And i have to go to Avanti in the morning, awards is a week on sunday. I was meant to meet steven aswell to fill him in about the band. I think im going to explode tomorrow :D. Fun. Fuck now i also have a job interview at two.

Gilly, i missed hollyoaks last night, did bombhead tell anyone about...ye'know...that yet??? I've now got the fear of watching that programme :/

I rally have to sotp updating this out of boredom. Le poo.

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+*+Talk To Me, Dance With Me+*+ [22 Oct 2004|03:09pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Friends Only

Comment to be added, i'm not too picky about who i add. But i won't add you if:
*YoU TYpE LiKE Dis
*You're just a bit of a dick in general

Other than that, i'll add pretty much anyone.

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